GT Boutique

August 7, 2016
GT Boutique3

I realize that I haven’t been much of a blogger lately and that’s because I’m so happy enjoying this amazing summer!  Things with my new business are going really well and I’m busy balancing that with spending as much time as I can with the kids and Tom.

Today, I want to quickly share with you a little summer outfit from one of my favourite places to shop while at the cottage in the summertime.

GT Boutique, also known as Giant Tiger, has launched a new clothing line!  While I love my Zaras, Banana Republics and Gaps, I also love a really great bargain.  GT Boutique is really stepping things up with their clothing.  At the start of the summer, they were so kind and sent me some GT $$ to spend in their store.  I got some things for myself and a few items for the kids as well.  For today, this is one of the little pieces I’ve been wearing all summer…
GT Boutique2crop
GT Boutique

I will share more of my selections soon!  Hope you are all staying cool.  I just heard it is going to be 34 degrees next week in TO!


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Claire Matthews

June 8, 2016
Claire Matthews yoga truly


I’m now into the third month of running my own business.  The time is flying by and I don’t feel as though there are enough hours in each day! I am really enjoying this new entrepreneur life and am finding it more challenging than any other job I’ve ever had.  I’m learning about putting yourself out there, and while I do this for clients, it’s much harder to do for yourself.  I’ve been busy networking, meeting with other entrepreneurs, and selling myself!  In addition to all this, because I’m working from home, there’s a whole new balance between home and job that I am learning about – more to come on that another day!

Today I am interviewing my good friend Claire Matthews for my Female Entrepreneur series.  I’ve known Claire for over a decade now and in that time, she got married, had two kids, started her own business, separated from her husband (also our good friend!), and became one of the top yoga instructors in the Grimsby-Niagara area.  Claire was our co-MC at our wedding and tells it like it is.  That’s one of the things that I love about her.  She’s strong and fiercely independent and runs her yoga studios (yes, there are two) as if she’s done it all her life.  Claire is someone who knows how to put herself out there.  Today, we’re talking about yoga for kids and how she turned her passion into her career.

Kelly:  Was yoga something you have always done?

Claire: I began yoga about 12 years ago because it was trendy and available close to where I lived. The classes were enjoyable at first, but about 4 classes in, the magic of it all really hit me. I had been coping with chronic neck pain from a car accident from many years earlier. The advice of my doctor and physiotherapist at the time, was to ‘find a way to cope’.  I just accepted the pain for a long time, until that 4th yoga class when the daily pain began to dissipate. I have done yoga non-stop ever since.
Claire Matthews 2Kelly: Tell me about the turning point for you when you decided to go from teaching yoga in your basement to opening your first studio? Continue Reading…

Cottage life

Cottage Season!

May 31, 2016
bay of quinte

My favourite time of year has arrived!!

We are looking forward to another season at my husband’s family cottage on the Bay of Quinte.  As most of you know, this place is my “happy place”.  It’s our getaway from busy city life.  I just love it here and my kids love it even more.  Continue Reading…


Smithery Style

May 19, 2016
smither style feature image

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting the co-founders of Smithery Style in my home for my very own Sip & Click party.

For those of you who don’t know, Smithery Style is an on-line clothing boutique specializing in helping women dress for their body shape.

Co-Founders Rena and Mavis arrived a couple of hours before the party.  They arrived with (pink!) hockey bags full of carefully curated threads which they hung, placed, and  steamed in my living room.  I can’t tell you how exciting it was for me, the girl who loves clothes, to have her home transformed into a clothing boutique for the evening.  Continue Reading…

City life


May 8, 2016
ricoh centre

Last week I attended a Toronto Marlies playoff game with my sister. We each took our boys and they each brought a friend along.

The Marlies are at the tail end of the best season in the team’s history and have guaranteed themselves a 1st place finish in the American Hockey league for the first time ever — pretty exciting for TO!  Continue Reading…

Cottage life

Cottage Sneak Peek

May 2, 2016
FullSizeRender (2)

We decided on Saturday that since it was such a lovely sunny day, we should take a drive to the cottage.  The kids jumped for joy when we suggested it and then ran home from the park to pack a bag and hop in the car.  Normally we wouldn’t go down until later in May, but we have been so excited about it, we couldn’t wait any longer!  We called and booked a hotel for the night on our way (cottage is too cold at night and not ready for us just yet), which had a pool, so that was an added bonus for the kids.

We played baseball and jumped in mud piles. We went for nature walks and collected branches and twigs that had fallen over the winter.  We found a robin’s egg too – all sure signs of spring!

Continue Reading…